Why Do T. H. Glennon Customers Like Our Sales Force?

Posted: Mar 8, 2016

Trust. That’s what we hear again and again from our customers. They trust us to recommend the best-suited processing options for their mulch operation. They trust us to process and deliver their mulch colorants orders on- time, while providing the highest quality colorants they’ve come to know. They trust us to stand behind our Colorfast Colorants and behind our word.

We gained this reputation for trust in the field because our reps not only have sales experience, but also have a thorough understanding of landscape processing equipment. This includes grinders, screeners, trommels and color machines. They know how to operate excavators, loaders and even install our Mulch Color Jet.

pile of colored mulch

A Customer’s Trust Comes through Experience

When T.H. Glennon hires a territory manager, we look at sales representatives that can bring “valuable experience” to our customers. This means we hire salespeople who have field experience that can help customers build a profitable and efficient colored mulch business. Combining this strategy with excellent mulch colors that produce higher yields and increased profits is a winning combination for our valued customers.

Get to Know Our Sales Team

Shonn Monday, our Northeast Territory Manager, has a tremendous amount of experience from which T.H. Glennon customers benefit.

Shonn is proud to say, “There’s not a piece of equipment I haven’t run.” He used to manage a green waste yard and worked as a machine fabricator for a large grinder manufacturer before joining T.H. Glennon. Shonn’s customers like to see him because he always brings up-to-date, useful information that they can benefit from in their everyday colored mulch production.

Steve DiMascio, our Central Territory Manager, has been involved in the mulch industry for more than 20 years. His background is in designing, manufacturing and marketing mobile equipment for the wood recycling industry.

Customers value his advice when setting up a mulch yard or seeking recommendations for equipment and colorants. Steve enjoys deer hunting, and occasionally treats his customers to homemade deer jerky. Give Steve a call to learn more about our Colorfast Colorants.

Chad Lindsey, our Southeast Territory Manager, has plenty of prior knowledge of the equipment industry, which he gained at Caterpillar. He also used to run a mulch yard and managed a green waste facility. His hands-on knowledge continues to be valuable to his customers in the field.

Chad said, “One of the reasons I joined Glennon is because, no matter how small or large our customers, we visit their mulch coloring sites. Other mulch colorant suppliers only visit the big guys. We have a sales team whose goal is not to just make a sale, but to help the customer who does not have any experience in coloring wood mulch.”

Experience You Can Rely On

As you can see, as mulch coloring experts shipping our Colorfast Colorants from Massachusetts and South Carolina, we have plenty of experience in the field of mulch colorants. We’re interested in helping each customer establish and grow a profitable mulch-coloring business.

No matter how large or small your business, T.H. Glennon is here to meet and exceed your mulch coloring and coatings requirements. To find out how you can get beautiful mulch colorants and an excellent sales team to service you, contact T.H. Glennon at 978-465-7222 today!

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