Seven Great Things You Didn’t Know about Liquid and Powder Colorants

Posted: Jun 10, 2016

With today’s liquid and powder colorants, a rainbow of hues is available for your mulch manufacturing needs. Today’s liquid and powder colorants allow manufacturers to create products that match the needs of their consumers, without compromising quality or safety.  Colored mulch is adding a “vibrant pop” to many landscapes, while enhancing curb appeal to for many homeowners and commercial locations.

Below is a list of the top pros of mulch liquid and powder colorants.

mulch colorants

Homogenous Heroes

At T.H. Glennon, we consistently manufacture our Colorfast Liquid and Powder Colorants to the highest manufacturing and quality standards, creating consistent colors batch after batch.  Our colorants are codified so that your product color remains identical batch after batch, year after year. 

The result? Consistent, vibrant colors to attract top customers.

It’s the Economy, Of Course

Both liquid and powder colorant create an economical way to color mulch products. Our colorant is super-concentrated, making it easy to get the look you want at a fraction of the price. 

This affordable aspect of both liquid and powder colorants make them an attractive option for a variety of mulch manufacturers

Safety First

Today’s most thorough studies indicate that mulch colorants are safe to both people and the environment. Most are made primarily with an organic compound, such as iron oxide and carbon black. Each are used in a variety of different products, such as inks, some makeup and indoor paint. 

Experts agree that the ingredients commonly found in colorants are not toxic or an environmental concern. 

No Fungus Among Us

When our fungal resistant additive is used with T.H. Glennon’s liquid mulch colorant, it restricts the growth of mold and fungus. Not only does the mulch colorant provide a natural, aesthetic coloring, it also creates attractiveness by warding off unattractive mold and fungus.

Longer Lasting

Even under high heat, extreme cold or direct sun, liquid and powder colorants won’t easily fade. Designed to last an entire four seasons or more, their natural-looking color outlasts even that of Mother Nature. In particular, landscape manufacturers and their customers value the promise of a product that continually delivers.

Keep Your Plants Happy

Colored mulch is your plants’ best friend.  We all know mulch keeps down weed growth while maintaining the moisture in your flower and plant beds.  But…. Did you know that colored mulch actually helps absorb much needed sunlight that helps to stimulate plant growth, while helping to keep your beds warm?  Yes.  Colored mulch is not just another “pretty face”.

Color Your World

Mulch Colorants allow products to be brighter and more durable while being environmentally friendly. The above seven pros detail just some of the reasons to include liquid or powder colorant in your manufacturing process. Each can be customized to match the needs of your manufacturing process and your customers.

In Good Company

When considering choices for mulch colorants, contact T.H. Glennon at (978) 465- 7222.  We are a family-owned business, WHERE SERVICE COMES FIRST.  The T.H. Glennon Company manufactures colorants for recycled wood, concrete, aggregate and rubber. Additionally, we’ve spent more than half a century working to meet the needs of customers in the adhesives and coatings industries. 

What is the secret of our success? It’s our advanced color technology, top-notch customer service and continuous improvement.  Brighten your customers’ landscapes with the T.H. Glennon Company today!  Call (978)465-7222.

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