Quality Mulch Colorants You Can Count On

Posted: Feb 9, 2016

Mulch colorants are one of the best ways to help your customers landscaping needs reach its full potential. Brian Shea, president and owner of T.H. Glennon, is an experienced chemist who has worked to develop excellent mulch colorants for your customers’ landscapes. At T.H. Glennon, quality and expertise is important. Over the past several years, Shea has put together a dedicated sales team with experience in the:

  • Wood Grinding and Coloring Equipment Industry
  • Knowledge of the colored mulch production and wood grinding process
  • Strong understanding of liquid and powder mulch colorant products and applications


mulch piles

Our Sales Approach:

What sets T.H. Glennon apart is our ability to deliver beautiful mulch colors with greater yields, resulting in increased profit for our customers.  In the field, we work with many wood grinder manufacturers to create superior colored mulch.  Some of these companies include:

  • Morbark
  • Diamond Z
  • Duratech
  • Bandit Industries
  • CBI
  • Peterson

We also partner with Apollo Equipment, Crusher Grinder Screen and Earth Saver.  These companies are great resources to help you find used equipment.  With our partners, we combine our Mulch Color Jet with their used or new grinders and trommel screens to help customers like you, get up and running in the colored mulch industry.

If you are looking for a larger coloring machine, we partner with MGL Engineering , of Lakeland Florida.  MGL makes excellent coloring machines for wood, rubber and aggregate.(MGL makes trommel screens and other mulch handling equipment.)


Mulch Colorant Products – Largest Selection Of Colors

We always offer you a wide array of mulch colors available direct from our factory. As a matter of fact, we have the largest selection of colors in the industry. Why is this important to you?  We all know aging wood can change color.  With our large color offering, you can order the right shades of color to keep your mulch color production consistent.  This means you will always have a constant production of consistently colored mulch.  Our Colorfast Colorants are mulch colors that you can count on and we stand behind.


On Time Delivery

We know that on-time deliveries are a must.  (Especially in busy season.)  For this reason, we have expanded our manufacturing capacity and are running multiple manufacturing shifts to meet your mulch colorant needs.  As a leading manufacturer of mulch colorants, we know how hard you work and we stand ready to deliver premium mulch colorants. Our commitment does not stop when your colorant leaves our site.  We are the only mulch manufacturer in the industry that has invested in our own fleet of trucks to deliver our mulch colorants to your location.  We know on-time delivery, quality mulch colorants and increased profits is essential to your business.


Mold Resistance

Along with our Colorfast mulch colorants, we offer a mold resistant additive to keep your colored mulch fresh. If you want to increase the shelf life of your mulch product, you should consider investing in mulch colorants that contain this additive. Our special formula is specifically designed to alleviate buildup of heat within mulch, which decreases the chance of mold and fungi developing and spreading.


So How Can We Increase Your Profits?

It’s simple.  We deliver superior mulch colorants with greater yields, combined with our excellent sales team, who will help you to maximize your efficiencies.  All this means…. increased profits to your bottom line.  Your customers will love coming to your location to purchase the best colored mulch in town!  Contact us to learn more about our superior mulch colorants and how our sales team can help you increase your profitability.  Give us a call at 978-465-7222.  We look forward to meeting you soon.



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