Glennon’s Colorfast Colorant Give Mulch Producers a Head Start

Posted: Mar 6, 2015

by Jon M. Casey
Mulch producers know that there is never enough time to grind enough fresh product in the spring to meet customer demand, so they look for ways to get a head start on the season by grinding in the fall and into the early winter as the weather allows. By stockpiling large amounts of mulch products too far ahead of time however, companies find that their colored mulch products soon begin to fade and lose the quality that customers come to expect from freshly ground mulch. Mulch producers find themselves in a difficult place. They either grind mulch far in advance of the new season and risk the fading and deterioration from fungus and mold that comes with product that has begun to age. Or, they grind day and night during the delivery season, fall further behind with each order, and lose business to competitors who have found a way to keep up with demand. Now there is a way to grind and stockpile colored mulch in the fall and have the quality that customers are seeking in the spring.

T.H. Glennon Co., Inc., known for their water-based adhesive coatings and colorants, offers a line of mulch colorants in their “Colorfast” line of products that will help mulch producers get that head start that they are looking for in their colored mulch line. “We have formulated a line of colorants that improve color longevity and durability,” says T. H. Glennon Co., Inc.’s Brian Shea. “Our Colorfast line contains a proprietary additive that protects the dried colorant film against discoloration caused by microbial attack. So when a producer grinds a stockpile of mulch, and applies our Colorfast #260 Black, for example, he can look forward to a product that will not lose its color due to fungus and mold while it is stored on site, over the winter.” Chuck Shelton, owner of Shelton Pallet Co. agrees. “I started to use Glennon’s Colorfast line because the mulch would get matted and show white mold in the mulched areas,” says Shelton. “I haven’t had any problems since. This product allows me to make piles of mulch ahead of the season and store it over the winter. That way I can have mulch for my customers at the beginning of the season.” Shea says that one of the primary reasons that mulch producers have come to rely on T.H. Glennon Co., Inc. for their colorant needs, is because Glennon specializes in adapting the application of their colorants to the current equipment that the producer is using. “That way, they can simply install our Mulch Color Jet™ onto their grinder or trommel, and have consistent, high-quality colored mulch without a lot of extra equipment and labor. Our products are very easy to use. And they offer the brilliant, long-lasting color that customers have come to expect.”

“Our mold and fungus resistance research began in 1999,” says Shea. “We had been marketing colorant to the mulch industry since 1997, but in the summer of 1999, one of our Florida customers came to us with a request for a product that would resist the molds and funguses that thrive in that southern, humid climate. They had been mulching wood waste from the orange grove producers, who were no longer being permitted to burn their wood waste. The grove owners had turned to this mulch producer as a destination for their orange tree wood waste.” “Our customer found that their bagged, colored mulch products were being affected by an anaerobic, photo-activated mold,” says Shea. “We initiated research to defeat this mold, and that was the start of our EPA approved Colorfast line of products. Today, we offer more than a dozen different colors for mulch.” Shea says that their product is available in either dry or liquid form. “The liquid is available in drums or totes,” he says. “Dry colorant is available in 50-pound bags up to 2000-pound super sacks. Customers can order anything from a drum to a full truckload.” For more information on T.H. Glennon Co., Inc. and their Mulch Color Jet™ system, contact them at 978-465-7222 or online at

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