Delivering Mulch Colorants You Can Rely On

Posted: Dec 18, 2015

As a mulch colorant supplier, we at T.H. Glennon know that our customers expect excellent colorant for their mulch production. We know quality products and on-time delivery is a must. As a leading mulch colorant manufacturer, we are always looking for better ways to service our customers. Every day we challenge ourselves to find new ways to help our customers be successful in the mulch industry. To better meet the demands of the colored wood, rubber and aggregate mulch marketplace, we have:

  • Increased our manufacturing capacity
  • Expanded our delivery capabilities

Last year, T.H. Glennon completed our newest manufacturing building. This added 18,000 square feet to our manufacturing footprint. Over the past year, we have also invested in additional mixing and milling capacity. Due to this expansion, we have increased our enhanced mulch colorant production capacity by more than 40%. Our new mixing and milling equipment is now churning out rich black, brown, and red mulch colors. Freshly packaged mulch colorant is being produced in our new production line and delivered to your location. When our busy season hits, we stand ready to meet the spike in our spring time demand, providing our customers with the on-time delivery they depend on.


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T.H. Glennon Delivers Brighter Mulch Colors!

Our brand new Freightliner tractor has hit the road! Delivering premium mulch colorants directly to our customers has become increasingly more important over the years. We manufacture and ship our mulch colorant directly from Salisbury, Massachusetts and Union, South Carolina. At T.H. Glennon, we focus on being a reliable mulch colorant supplier by delivering freshly packaged mulch colorant on-time to our valued customers. That’s exactly why we have invested in our own fleet of delivery trucks. Based on customers’ feedback, we found that commercial trucking companies were trying to meet the needs of many different clients and weren’t always focused on T.H. Glennon customers’ delivery specifications. For this reason, we invested in our own trucks and equipped them to meet our customers’ delivery requirements. To further improve our customer shipments, each T.H. Glennon truck has been equipped with an electric pallet jack. Our pallet jacks make unloading your mulch colorant easier and faster. This improves the overall efficiencies of our deliveries and helps us to meet our on-time delivery commitments.

As soon as our first truck went into service, we knew we were on to something big! Having our own fleet of trucks has increased our ability to control shipments and meet our customers’ crucial delivery dates. Today, T.H Glennon is the only mulch colorant manufacturer offering this service. Based on our customers’ feedback, our trucking capability is a key differentiator and a service our customers rely on every day.” -Brian Shea, Owner, T.H. Glennon Company

On-Time Deliveries

So how many miles does a T.H. Glennon truck travel? Well, we recently traded-in our very first tractor trailer with over 650,000 miles on it. We replaced it with a new Freightliner. Lenny will be driving this new rig and is looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at your mulch coloring sites. Many customers have said, “T.H. Glennon goes above and beyond with your quality, service, and delivery.” Lenny, Mike, Mark and John, you are all great drivers and a BIG “Thank You!” for taking such good care of T.H. Glennon Customers.

A Great Company for Your Mulch Colorant Needs

As you can see, T.H. Glennon is always pushing the envelope to better service our customers in the colored mulch industry. We care about your mulch business and want to make sure that when your busy season hits, we are the mulch colorant supplier to deliver mulch colors you can rely on. We know how hard you are working to meet your customers’ colored mulch demands. We are committed to providing our customer with:

  • Quality mulch colorant you can depend on
  • Superior Service and Support you can rely on
  • On-Time Deliveries of “Brighter Mulch Colors”

As a mulch colorant supplier, we don’t just talk about quality mulch colorant and superior service, we make it happen! Contact us to find out how our mulch colorant services can better your business today!

Thank you for reading our blog. We look forward to a wonderful 2016 and thank you for your continued business. All of us at T.H. Glennon hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

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