Colored Mulch, the Finishing Touch for Your Customers’ Landscapes

Posted: Apr 15, 2016

Colored mulch offers a number of benefits for your customers’ landscaping. It not only makes their garden beds look attractive, but it holds down weeds and can help hold the moisture in the soil. This helps to keep the soil in and around beds at an even temperature to promote soil growth. When landscape colorants and coatings are added to the mulch, your customers’ landscapes will “pop” with beautiful color and increased curb appeal.

Did you know wood, rubber and aggregate can be colored to enhance your customers’ landscapes?

mulch landscape

Colored Mulch, the Finishing Touch for Beautiful Landscapes:

There is a wide array of mulch products available today. At T.H. Glennon, we offer the largest array of long-lasting, quality colors that will provide the finishing touch to your customers’ landscapes. Everything from traditional wood mulch, rubber or aggregate can be colored to create some memorable landscapes. The type of mulch that works best for your customer will depend on where they are mulching (commercial or residential locations), their design style and the application.

Here are some colored mulch options and a calculator to help your customers estimate their mulch requirements.

  1. Colored Wood Mulch, is wildly popular with home owners and commercial locations. It is both cost effective and saves on water usage, holding moisture in plant beds. Mulch plays a very important role during the summer when water bans exist. T.H. Glennon provides the widest array of rich colors and hues in the industry. Our high yield, long-lasting colors provide the finishing-touch to create some really beautiful landscapes.
  2. Colored Rubber Mulch – we find our color in many playground locations. Colored rubber mulch provides long lasting durability and fun colors for a fun day outside. At T.H. Glennon, we have a full array of colors and are ready to work with you to create some excellent landscapes.
  3. Aggregate and Stone – colored stone and aggregate is a long-lasting solution some homeowners are seeking. For these applications, we offer colorants in a wide array of colors to meet your customers’ needs. At T.H. Glennon, we work with our customers to ensure you create the colors needed for your business.

Mulch Calculator:

9ft. x 9ft. area = 81 square ft. of coverage. Colored Mulch is usually sold by cubic yards. One cubic yard will cover:

Depth of mulch                                           Square Ft. Coverage

1 inch                                                         324 sq. ft.

2 inches                                                       162 sq. ft.

3 inches                                                       108 sq. ft.

4 inches                                                       81 sq. ft.

At T.H. Glennon, your challenge is our challenge. We work with our customers to help you grow a profitable mulch business. T. H. Glennon makes colorant for mulch and we work with a range of mulch suppliers. Give us a call at (978)465-7222 so we can help you grow your business and increase your profits.

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