Mulch Coloring Industry

Posted: Dec 18, 2015

As a mulch colorant supplier, we at T.H. Glennon know that our customers expect excellent colorant for their mulch production. We know quality products and on-time delivery is a must. As a leading mulch colorant manufacturer, we are always looking for better ways to service our customers. Every day we challenge ourselves to find new […]

Posted: Mar 6, 2015

by Jon M. Casey Mulch producers know that there is never enough time to grind enough fresh product in the spring to meet customer demand, so they look for ways to get a head start on the season by grinding in the fall and into the early winter as the weather allows. By stockpiling large […]

Posted: Jan 22, 2015

T.H. Glennon is proud to announce a significant building expansion to our salisbury, Ma headquarters, adding 18,000 square feet. This allows us to greatly increase our capacity and streamline our production process for Colorfast Colorants. We’re now prepared to offer the best quality product, at the best price, with shortened delivery cycles, while providing outstanding […]