Aggregate Colorfast Colorants create rich and colorful solutions for your aggregate and stone landscape applications. Your recycled concrete and aggregate is transformed into highly profitable, environmentally friendly, colorized landscaping materials. Whether you need cocoa, red, green or purple aggregate, we offer bright and powerful colorants, yielding durable vibrant colors. Our color chart will show you the wide variety of solutions available to you.

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Red#2408 Red
Dark Red#1404 Dark Red
Cocoa#2489 Cocoa
Dark Brown#2490 Dark Brown
Yellow#2417 Yellow
Gold#2416 Gold
Cypress#2420 Cypress
Plum#8410 Plum
Blue#6410 Blue
Green#7410 Green
Black#2460 Black
White#1450 White

*Custom Colors Available Upon Request


T.H. Glennon is the only colorant company in the industry that has invested in its own fleet of trucks. We place a strong emphasis on timely delivery, so that you can produce beautiful colored mulch in a profitable and efficient manner.
delivery trucks for mulch colorants

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