Advanced Colorfast Liquid delivers an exceptional liquid mulch colorant and is perfect for green or changed wood. It begins with the highest quality pigments and is milled through our carefully monitored manufacturing process.  Our superior formula adheres and coats to wood fiber, turning difficult wood material into rich, brilliantly colored mulch. As a result, you will achieve maximum dispersion with higher yields for vibrant color consistency.  Our highly concentrated formula goes a long way and is color you can count on.  Advanced Liquid Colorfast will deliver super concentrated, high yield colorants made from our purest pigments.

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advanced liquid mulch colorants

Available Upon Request:  *Mold and Fungus Resistance  * Cedar and Hemlock Fragrance

 *Custom Colors
All colors are available in “C-Grade”. Compact Grade Colorants are free flowing and create less dust.

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T.H. Glennon is the only colorant company in the industry that has invested in its own fleet of trucks. We place a strong emphasis on timely delivery, so that you can produce beautiful colored mulch in a profitable and efficient manner.
Mulch Colorant Delivery

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