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As a market leader, T.H. Glennon provides vibrant mulch colorants and mulch coloring equipment to mulch manufacturers nationwide, helping to grow businesses with our premium products and service delivery model.

Our proprietary blend of eco-friendly, long lasting mulch colorants means you can produce wood, rubber, or stone mulch in any color of the rainbow—and we’ll make sure your mulch colorants arrive at your location on time—because our tractor trailers will deliver to your site and our sales specialists are available to serve your every need.

A Rainbow of Colors for Every Mulch Type

Every landscape—whether it’s a playground, office building, corporate park, or residential property—can benefit from one of the types of mulch our customers produce. Helping make our customers successful is a key mission of T.H. Glennon, so we offer an excellent wide range of mulch colorants to accommodate an equally wide spectrum of mulch uses and applications.

Our earth-friendly, eco-friendly mulch colorants are available for wood, rubber, and crushed stone (or aggregate) mulch applications. Our higher yields and long lasting colorants help increase our customers’ margins while producing beautiful, richly colored mulch—making us the mulch colorant manufacturer of choice.

Get Color Consistency and Quality with the Mulch Color Jet

Colorant application efficiency is critical: our fifty-plus years of environmentally friendly chemistry taught us that much. With industry demands and customer production efficiencies in mind, we developed the number 1 compact coloring machine on the market: the Mulch Color Jet.

As the most economic—and efficient—mulch coloring machine on the market, the Mulch Color Jet reduces, wood handling time and cuts equipment, fuel, and maintenance costs, making it the mulch coloring machine of choice.

On–Time- Delivery: The Final Touch

Industry leaders pave the way—and we’ve literally done so with our own delivery trucks.Mulch Colorant Delivery

T.H. Glennon’s delivery trucks serve mulch manufacturers across the country, delivering orders of all sizes to our valued customers regardless of their size or location. We are the only mulch colorant supplier in the industry that will deliver our products to your location. At T.H. Glennon, we stand ready to meet and exceed all of your mulch colorant requirements.

Combining our industry knowledge with our vivid and high yield liquid and powder colorants will enable you to create superior and consistent wood mulch, rubber mulch and crushed stone colorized landscape solutions, while increasing your profitability.

With over fifty years of environmentally friendly chemistry, our roots are in water based coatings and adhesives. We know how to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, while assisting with their manufacturing process and building long term partnerships. At T.H. Glennon, our customers come first and we work to help businesses like yours grow.

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